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Dental Sealants: A Tried And True Way To Dodge Decay

Fenton MO Pediatric DentistAs a plastic coating that is “painted” on molars and premolars, dental sealants remain a tried and true way to dodge decay.  Colgate explains that back teeth have fissures, some of which are deeper than others, making them difficult to clean. Yet, when plaque is not removed from these narrow grooves, acid begins to wear away at the tooth’s enamel. Ultimately, a cavity begins to form. This is why many dentists recommend dental sealants for the back teeth of children and adolescents, as a way to protect teeth from decay while they learn and establish a healthy dental care regimen.

Dental sealants are typically applied on the first permanent molar, shortly after it erupts, which is usually by age 7. The sealant material turns a pitted, jagged edged surface to a smooth one. While this creates a seal against bacteria and decay, it also makes brushing and flossing easier. With each additional molar, sealants will continue to be placed—even up to age 14. In the event that a small cavity is detected, sealants may be applied on top of the cavity as an effective way to prevent more decay. The safety and versatility of dental sealants also allows them to be placed on primary molars, in cases where there are pits and fissures in early teeth.

Without question, dental sealants are an integral part of preventative dentistry, and a dependable way to put a stop to tooth decay. Having been used since 1970, they can remain intact for many years.

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